We are going to be looking at Psalm 31.



You know, there’s nothing that you could do to make God love you more or love you less. All your striving, fighting, pushing, pressing, worrying, fretting, wondering, wandering—even you’re freaking out, your performance, your good works. All the good things you have done, will do, or are doing now. All the bad things you’ve done maybe, you are doing or will do. None of that is going to determine God’s love. 

You don’t get more or less love for what you do or don’t do. It’s not your accomplishments. Your accomplishments won’t make God love or accept you or favor you more or less. Psalm 31:24 (TPT) says, “So cheer up! Take courage, all you who love him. Wait for Him to break through for you, all who trust in him!”

Today, God is saying to us, “I own the finish line. You don’t own the finish line.” Things, people, circumstances, situations in your life, or even powers that may be don’t own the finish line. They do not own your outcome. All your striving and fighting will not get you to the desired outcome or even God’s desired outcome you are hoping for. God’s saying, “I am the author and the finisher. I own the finish line. I own the outcome.” He is pulling you into victory and breakthrough. 

Take some minutes to pray as you read through these words. The lyrics of the song “Nothing Else” by Cody Kas  have been a blessing to me recently. As we pray, we release the mindset to receive the victory and the breakthrough God has for us. The song says I’m caught up in your presence. So, Lord, we ask that you catch up with us. Wherever anyone is reading this, would you catch us into your presence? Because it is your presence alone that we need. We want to sit, as the song says. We want to be caught up in your presence, and we want to sit at your feet.

God’s presence is the place we want to be. It’s the place we need to be. And if we have been distracted from your presence, if we’ve been distracted from sitting at your feet, if we’ve been distracted from that holy moment, as the song says, Lord, we want you to alter that for us so that we re-enter. Would you help us, Lord, re-enter back into that place where it’s Jesus that we want? It’s Jesus that we seek. It’s not even the breakthrough. It’s not even the victory. It’s being caught up in your presence. And that’s where the victory and where the breakthrough is. We need you. We want you. We’re hungry to sit at your feet. And so as we open up into Psalm 31, would you cause your word to divide between spirit and flesh?

Lord, let it go deep. Remove all the distractions. Remove all of the things that are competing for our interest in you. We want to sit at your feet. We want to be in your presence. We love you, Jesus. Psalm 30, 31. 

If you are feeling the drawing of the Lord to dive in and go deeper in your walk with him, you should be interested in following this series of blog posts. 

So, What Is Psalm 31 All About? 

It’s about the goodness of God. God’s goodness is not dependent upon how things look. God’s goodness is not dependent upon how you feel about what’s happening or not happening. 

We use the word “breakthrough” in victory a lot. We say, “God, I need a breakthrough. God, I need a victory”. But you already have victory, and you’re walking it out. You have the breakthrough already. You have the victory. Seeing, touching, smelling, participating in, and experiencing breakthroughs in the victory you are hoping for. You actually are being invited into Psalm 31 to participate and engage in another level. In another dimension of breakthrough in victory. A lot of times we think of a breakthrough in victory, but the objective here is that the Lord wants you to not think that breakthrough in victory is just something you are going to later touch in the natural.

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