The Lord Is Your Hiding Place



What should you be doing? You should be hiding. You should trust the Lord to be your hiding place. 

Don’t trust finances to be your hiding place. Don’t trust that relationship to be your hiding place. Don’t trust who is in the White House to be your hiding place. Don’t trust because everything is good and just the way you would like it to be. Trust the Lord to be your hiding place—He is so ready. He is willing and open to be your hiding place.

God wants to hide you. If you are a father or a mother, what do you do when your child is feeling down, and enemies are bringing them to shame, and they need rescue? You become a hiding place. Have you ever been a hiding place for your son or your daughter? Have you ever been a hiding place for someone at all? Of course, you have. They needed extraordinary comfort when they could not find it anywhere else, and you became that hiding place. And how much more your God is the hiding place. 

The enemy’s plan for you is to bring shame. When the enemy brings shame, and you agree with shame, listen to shame, and partner with shame and condemnation, you start not to believe that God is your hiding place. God wants to be the hiding place so that when the enemies come to bring shame, He actually is going to come and rescue you. God’s going to rescue you from the shame of the enemy. There’s no shame when you go to God; there’s no condemnation. There’s no penalty. Even in times that maybe we warrant something. Maybe we didn’t do everything right or behave right. Maybe there’s even some unrepented sin. Listen in the presence of God, the hiding place of God. There’s no shame. There’s no condemnation. It doesn’t exist there. And that’s why you want Him to be your hiding place. 

There are not enough fingers or toes to count how many times I’ve blown it and missed the Lord. But he’s your hiding place. There’s shame and condemnation outside of the hiding place, but not in the hiding place with God. It doesn’t exist. It’s not compatible. Shame and condemnation are not compatible in the hiding place of God. 

“O Lord, my healing God, I cried out for a miracle and you healed me!” — Psalm 30:2 (TPT)

The hiding place is where God pulls you into victory and breakthrough. You’re waiting for some victory outside. You’re waiting for something to happen or not happen. You’re waiting for some kind of external change. To have enough money in the bank, enough friends, and enough good things going on as opposed to the Lord being the strong shelter and the hiding place. But God pulls you into victory and breakthrough. He pulls you. 

How are you going to win or beat the Lord in a tug-of-war contest? You just have to get into the hiding place. You just have to let the Lord turn His ear to your prayer. He’s the strong shelter. He’s the hiding place. And through that, he’s pulling you into breakthrough and victory. It’s a trap. It’s a setup. It is a setup for you to get into the hiding place.

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