Rejoice! You Have Victory



Do you need a breakthrough in your physical body or in your finances? Are you asking God to give you victory in that relationship or breakthrough in something you have been seeking God for a long time? Breakthrough is not just some fancy word; it is something that was holding you back, was resisting you, had a lid on you that kept you in a place that God didn’t want you to be, and He caused you to break through it. The lid comes off, and victory as you get to be and walk in and experience that you’re a victor.

You finally stand on top of the mountain. There is no more climbing—you’re the victor on top of the mountain. But that’s not always our experience. 

Our experience isn’t always that we are living out this breakthrough. We say, “I haven’t experienced it yet. I haven’t got the victory yet.” But you’ve got it. You do already have the breakthrough. You have it now, and you will have it. And God’s goodness is good, regardless of whether you are experiencing it. God wants to move breakthrough in victory, away from just being a word, just being a Pentecostal charismatic, evangelical word that we flippantly throw around and use. Believe God for that breakthrough and believe God for that victory, but transition your mindset and align your mind with God’s mind the way He says you have the breakthrough.

“I trust you Lord, to be my hiding place. Don’t let me down. Don’t let my enemies, bring me to shame. Come and rescue me for you. You are the only God who always does what is right.” — Psalm 31:1 (TPT)

We could park on that verse now, and it would be enough for you to encounter father God in a face-to-face reality, not a “someday” or “I believe it’s gonna happen,” but “I’m just trusting that it’s going to happen.” You could have this kind of encounter right here with the Father. We have to make our experience line up with what God has said. We don’t change. We don’t change God’s word because we either are or are not experiencing something yet. Our experience is subject to the word of God.

So you might not have your breakthrough. You might not have your victory yet. You haven’t touched it just yet, but you can see it. It’s right there. You believe it. You trust God, just like Psalm 31:1. 

I trust you, Lord.

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