God can hear your prayers



God is turning his ears to your prayer. You don’t have to pray loud or pray in a certain way. He hears your prayer. 

Have you ever heard your kids cry out? Sometimes, it doesn’t make sense, but you turn your ears to them. It doesn’t need to be poetic, or in proverbs before God hears your prayer. 

God is going to be your strong shelter. He is your hiding place on high. He is going to pull you into victory and breakthrough. 

‘You brought me back from the brink of death, from the depths below. Now here I am, alive and well, fully restored! O sing and make melody, you steadfast lovers of God. Give thanks to him every time you reflect on his holiness!’  – Psalms 30:3‭-‬4 TPT

God is your high fortress where you are safe. He is the stronghold of your Salvation. He will deliver you from this peril or whatever problems you are in to bring glory to his name. As God guides you, you will be kept safe. 

Has the enemy prepared or hidden snares for you? Absolutely, yes! This is not because you have done something wrong, or because of some past sins. You did nothing wrong. The enemy’s snares are to keep you from the high fortress, our victory. They are there to keep you from the hiding place. The enemy knows if you go to God’s hiding place, he can’t touch you there. This is because there are no traps, shame in the Stronghold of salvation. So, the enemy works so hard to keep you from hiding the place. 

Thus, the enemy takes the seemingly untrue fact that you haven’t got your breakthrough and victory. He tells you the reasons why you don’t have victory, tells you all the things that are wrong with you. He also reminds you of the times you have messed up the plan of God. All of these are nothing but a snare and trap to keep you from the high fortress, the hiding place.

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God can hear your prayers

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