5 Stages of God’s Breakthrough



God is faithful, for he has rescued and redeemed you. So you have one job – to commit your spirit into God’s hands in the bidding place. God will take care of the rest, the breakthrough and the victory. We are going to be looking at the five stages of breakthrough. 

Firstly, God has his own breakthrough. It’s his nature, the breakthrough victory of God is unhindered. It can’t be touched, no enemy, giant, pandemic and chaos can hinder the breakthrough. Breakthrough is God’s nature, he possesses it and he can give it to anybody. 

Number two, God gives his breakthrough. He gives away what is his. You can’t take a breakthrough away from God. Who’s going to tell God, gimme that? God lives in his breakthrough, God doesn’t need a victory. He is the alpha and omega. Every knee, whether they want to or not will bow every tongue, whether they want to or not will confess. He’s the Lord. God’s breakthrough is a gift, you can experience it. 

In the third stage, you agree with the breakthrough of God. You align what you do with God’s word. So, you have to run to the hiding place and entrust your spirit into his hands. Before you see God’s breakthrough, you walk in it. God has given it to you. Now, your victory won’t happen overnight. That’s why we’re supposed to transform our mind. That’s why we’re supposed to renew our mind. The best place I know to get transformed is in the hiding place. 

The fourth stage is to experience victory from the inside. Where what’s happening on the outside doesn’t dictate to you anymore. So you are experiencing it first on the inside. Although nothing has changed, the problem is still staring you in the face. Your spirit lives in the victory of God before your circumstances change. 

The fifth and final stage is you actually touch breakthrough victory with your bare hands. The father is working so that you will not trust the external. God is working for you to be content and to have rest inwardly. That’s his aim. His aim for you is to be in his hiding place. His desire for you, where he’s taking you is the hiding place. And now the breakthrough victory has manifested in your walk and you get to go beyond just believing it.

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